Case Studies

Organisations that enjoy the benefits of working with Global Roleplay come from across the length and breadth of commerce and industry. Over a decade of extensive experience has been gained working with an array of private enterprises, public sector organisations, along with charities and not-for-profit bodies. Here are a number of case studies outlining some of the work we’ve undertaken across those sectors.

Sales Training

We are currently helping a Global Telecommunications provider train their Sales Teams in identifying customer behavioural styles and buying signals. This involves our roleplayers both learning a series of technically detailed briefs and displaying key behaviours during sales meetings. The delegates, following feedback discussions, have the opportunity to replay the meetings with different roleplay actors and put into practice the skills and behaviours previously identified.

Relationship Management

We work with a major financial organization to help their Credit and Relationship Managers pass through Credit Skills Accreditation Courses. This involves our Roleplayers portraying successful business owners and spending 30-minute sessions discussing key business issues such as Vision & Planning, Business Risk and Financial Risk & Planning. The feedback we provide following each session is invaluable in helping the delegates gauge their relationship building skills and in identifying and agreeing both their areas of strength and the challenges they need to address.

Communication Skills

We have provided large numbers of roleplay actors to leading Medical Research Charities and associated Trusts, to assist in developing the communication skills of Medical Consultants and Practitioners. This often requires our roleplayers to display a great range of emotion, as many of the roleplay scenarios are devised to address the challenges of communicating difficult news to patients. Our actors are able to perform these roles with credibility and consistency, whilst at the same time monitoring the performance of the delegates in order to facilitate feedback discussions thereafter.


We provide actor roleplayers to a client in the Arts Sector as part of their recruitment process, when interviewing both internal and external candidates for job vacancies. When candidates are short listed for interview they must complete a roleplay scenario prior to the interview stage. This requires our actor roleplayers to portray credible team members with particular performance and/or behavioural issues during an appraisal roleplay. The actor roleplayers are then required to give feedback to an often nervous candidate, so need to approach this with great sensitivity.

Diversity and Equality

We have devised, written & performed a number of bespoke Forum Theatre scenarios for a UK based Housing Association. The issues raised through these scenarios are based around Diversity & Equality in the workplace. The Delegates are invited to watch scenes demonstrating examples of bullying, harassment and intolerance and then have the opportunity to discuss what they observed. Next, through facilitated interaction, they have the chance to change the behaviours and actions of the characters they witnessed either by ‘redirecting’ the re-run scene, or by replacing one of the characters themselves.

Risk Management

We are required by a Global Investment Bank to portray fictional characters looking to invest a significant level of their vast personal wealth.  Interestingly, on this programme the Graduate Private Wealth Management Delegates are not informed that these characters are fictional. The key requirement of our roleplayers is to retain credibility during long interview sessions and presentations given by the Delegates, in order for the Graduate Delegates to gain vital experience in questioning and presenting to ‘real’ clients.